What We have

We have the most advanced equipmentand using the excellent raw material

AS a professional acrylic solid surface supplier , Kstone® produce modified acrylic solid surface ,100% acrylic solid surafce and 100% acrylic adhesive.

Production lines

The most advanced equipment on Two automatic production lines (Standard sizes ). One hand-made line ( Special sizes ).

Technical person:

Three people more than 15 years technical experience.

QC Department: 

Four people inspect more than 300 sheets every day.

Our colours:

We have more than 200 kinds of colours. Matched samples 95% similar popular brands. Like,Corian®, Staron®, LG-Hacs®, Hanex®, Tristone®, Krion®,Montelli®,Avonite®,formica® solid surface and so on.

Our specifications:

Standard:3680*760*12mm, 3070*760*12mm, 3050*760*12mm, 2440*760*6mm/12mm, Superwide like 850mm/900mm, We have thinkness on 20mm/25mm, Special specification as you request.

Our raw material:

USing the best raw material from suppliers. ATH from CHALCO, RESIN FROM TIANHE/YABANG/XINYANG

Modified acrylic solid surface is made of -26% good quality Resin (ORTHO/NPG +MMA+UV or ISO/NPG+MMA+UV) , 8%~10% UPR resin, 63% ATH, 0.3% AUTI-UV and other pigments

100% pure acrylic solid surface is made of  44% PMMA+MMA, ATH , UV and other Accessories